Education for life.

Floyd Montessori provides a loving, positive environment where each child can learn and grow in their own unique way. We are committed to developing conflict resolution skills through peace education, and we are proud to offer enrichment classes in yoga, art, music, and drama.

The Montessori Method

Montessori education is both a philosophy and method of education based on the child's need for freedom within a carefully prepared environment. Materials are concrete and hands-on, allowing the child to explore the world with their own senses. Mixed-age classrooms give children the opportunity to serve as role models and helpers, and to receive that same support from older students. Above all, the Montessori method is based on unconditional love for the child, and respect for their individuality.

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To experience first-hand, schedule a visit to one of our classrooms:


For children as young as sixteen months. A warm, nurturing space that encourages them to explore the world safely. Mixed-age classroom with a five to one teacher ratio, allowing a great deal of individualized attention.



For ages three through six years old. Children are guided by an AMS-certified teacher, who gives one-on-one lessons. The Primary curriculum focuses on hands-on activities that engage the senses and allow them to become independent, while also providing a strong foundation for academic success.